The Terry Tale

The Original Terry

As a kid growing up I can always remember the Terry Towelling hat.  

My dad had one. His was white.

My Pa had one. His was a washed out sandy colour or perhaps it was just a filthy white one too.

One Summer as a teenager I wore a Terry Towelling bucket hat that I found in a cupboard and I wore it 24/7. I lost that hat over a long weekend but I like to think it went on for more action on the head of an appreciative stranger. 

About 7 years ago I decided my head should once again enjoy some Terry Towelling action and I went out specifically to find a new hat - only to return empty handed.  The only hat I could find in a Terry Towelling fabric was thin and flimsy and had none of the appeal I remembered. 

I didn’t want to wear that hat.

I began searching online and again could only find cheap looking options that required me to buy in bulk from an importer. All I wanted was a good quality hat that would “wear in” the more I wore it and over time become “My hat”.

So it was then that I decided to set about creating the “ultimate” Terry Towelling bucket hat. Original Terry was born. My Original Terry was going to pay homage to the memories I had as a kid but would also infuse some modern millenary techniques to improve the quality of the hat. The Original Terry hat had to be super comfortable and needed to hold its shape. So we designed the hat with just one seam line instead of two. I wanted the fabric to have some “shag” but it couldn’t be too thick – It needed to be nice and light to wear, and the hat should have lining on the inside to help it breathe and give it some additional “pizzazz.”

I have since equated developing Original Terry to that of reinventing the wheel!  Getting the hat right took an exceptionally long time.  Yes, designing a simple “bucket hat” wasn’t easy. The things you learn, eh!  

In more recent times we’ve introduced the custom dying element to Original Terry. Over the journey we have received so many different and specific colour requests that it seemed to make perfect sense. The option to now customise Original Terry with colours is great fun, as each hat truly becomes an “Original” Original Terry. 

As the Terry Towelling hat was such an iconic Australian article we always wanted to produce the brand here in Australia and in the early days we actually did, producing the hats on the coast in NSW.

It’s a tired tale of manufacturing but the costs of making Original Terry locally were very high. These costs made selling our hats at wholesale (so they could be available in stores) almost impossible and unfortunately this was matched with too many inconsistencies in our product. 

We again tried many different avenues in a bid to continue production here in Australia but it was quickly reiterated why so few garments are manufactured locally.  It came down to either no Original Terry, or we re-group and start again.

The irony with Original Terry now being produced off shore is that the quality is better than ever and the hat construction is beautifully consistent.  We can grow the Original Terry brand and the product is more widely available.

As far as the Original Terry goes nothing in this regard has changed... We know if you buy an Original Terry, you’ll love it. It’s still an Aussie icon, and we are still proud to call it a member of the family!