Dye My Terry

How to dye your Terry...

  1. Dunk Terry in water or hold under tap till damp.
  2. Wearing some rubber gloves, (cricket gloves, gardening gloves or snow gloves are all acceptable) dissolve dye in 500mls of warm water. Just use a jug or similar container.
  3. Fill bowl, bucket or sink with approx. 6 litres of warm water. (Ideal temp is around 40 degrees – nice bath temp)
  4. Stir in one cup of salt (250 grams) Add dye & stir well.
  5. Now submerge Terry!
  6. Stir constantly for 15 mins, then stir every now and then for 45mins.
  7. Rinse Terry in cold water.
  8. Hand wash or machine wash Terry on a short gentle cycle with a drop of washing liquid.
  9. Dry Terry away from direct heat and sunlight. 
  10. Boogie

    Handy Tips

    * If possible, place Terry on noggin occasionally while drying to help stretch back into shape.

    * Though tumble drying is not usually recommended we have found that tumble drying for 10 minutes towards the end of the natural drying process reproduces the original soft feel of the fabric.  A Hair dryer can even be used in the absence of a tumble dryer!

    * IMPORTANT - Your Original Terry towelling bucket hat may shrink during the dyeing process due to the warm water required for the process.  Ordering a slightly larger size is recommended to allow for any potential shrinkage during the dying process.

    * Dye can only be ordered with Original Terry purchase.