People often ask us questions about the awesomeness of Original Terry towelling bucket hats.

So we refer those questions to Terence the 3rd. He's a scholar of both the gentle art of style, and the manly pursuit of awesomeness. 

And he's taken the time out from his busy schedule of deep-sea free-diving and teaching ninjas how to spin-kick to answer a few of the more common questions in writing for you... 


Terrence's Fact-a-mondos

Q: Is Original Terry the best hat ever?

A: Yes, Original Terry is the best hat ever.
Q: How much is postage?
Q: I wear my Original Terry to bed at night. Any thoughts?
A: Not a problem. Though not designed as sleep wear per say, retiring to the boudoir in ones Original Terry brings comfort and joy. Comfort and joy. Many people also experience a surge in the romance department. You are not alone. (Please see O.T.T)
Q: What size do I need? Medium, Large or XL?
A: As a rule, Medium (57cm) fits most women and can also be suitable for kids 8+ Large (59cm) is the most popular size while XL (61cm) offers more room for the slightly larger melon.  If you are going to customise your Terry with one of our dye colours we recommend ordering the next size up to allow for any shrinkage.
Q: Would you say that Original Terry is a top hat?
A: Yes, Original Terry is a top hat…. but it’s not a “top hat”
Q: Am I able to purchase an Original Terry at the local shopping centre?
A: Original Terry towelling bucket hats are only available online with orders dispatched daily.
Q: I have a concern over hat hair?
A: Please have no concern. Original Terry causes awesome hat hair.
Q: I wear my Original Terry everyday. Is this borderline fanaticism?
A: No, Wearing your Original Terry bucket hat every day is not excessive or inappropriate.  In fact, unofficial studies show that wearing Original Terry in the workplace increases productivity and nearly always leads to a top three finish in office footy tipping.
Q: When I wear my Original Terry I feel ace! WTF?
A: Ah Yes, that feeling you have is very normal and recognised as the Original Terry Tingle…or O.T.T
Q: I want to customise my Terry by dying it Yellow. Any tips?
A: Indeed.  Please refer to the section “Dye My Terry
Q: I wear my Original Terry in winter.  Do you think I’m the best?
A: Absolutely.  Wearing an Original Terry in the cooler months is one of the simple pleasures in life.  Scarf – check, gloves – check, coat – check, Original Terry – bingo.
Q: Is it true that December 1 is Original Terry Day.
A: First day of summer. Bingo!  
Above: The gentle and wise Terrence the 3rd.