The Hat. The Icon. The Legend.


Remember the good old days, when Mullet haircuts reigned supreme? Moustaches were so big and bushy they could store food. Shirts were worn half open exposing enough silver and gold to make Mr. T proud...
And then there was the Terry Towelling hat. 
Ah, the Terry... No summer activity was complete without it. From throwing a Frisbee, to throwing a snag on the Barbie – the classic Terry Towelling bucket hat became part of our culture. No hat was ever as comfortable nor as practical in keeping the hot Aussie sun from burning your noggin!
Well, drop the potato salad – because it's with great-unadulterated pleasure that we shout from the banana loungeThe ORIGINAL TERRY is back!

Fancy TerryBUY NOW


But it's not just any hat. This one's magical.*


  1. Fluffy terry-towelling exterior, perfect for attracting attention.
  2. Original Terry label. If it doesn't have this, it's not the full quid.
  3. Luxurious cotton lining.
  4. Compact brim. No more dropped catches due to line-of-sight issues.
  5. Super-secure name-writing area. Put your name here an it's your for life.

*Actual hat is not magical, it just feels magical.


Dark TerryA Classic, made more classic-er.

The Classic white Original Terry is a classic – And it’s white. But what if you want to bust out a Tulip Red Original Terry? What about Sunflower Yellow? Bahama Blue? Goldfish Orange? Tropical Green?

Easy-Peasy, Lemon Squeezie! Custom dye your Original Terry towelling hat to create a truly “Original” Original Terry. Choose your colour and follow these simple steps and tips to give your Tez a splash of colour!


Now stop mucking around and pick yourself a Terry!