The Original Terry Manifesto

Tonkin' Terry

We LOVE the Original Terry Towelling hat.
There, we’ve said it.

And we never stop banging on about them. Terry Towelling fabric + Bucket shape hat = Awesome.

Panama hats are okay.  But can you roll one up and stuff it in your back pocket? Nope. Caps are ok. But unless you have a superb mullet, the neck will cop a pounding from the cheeky sun. Some other hats have a super wide brim. But… well, they’re just not cool.

And no other hat can be dunked in water and whacked back on your bean to keep you cool on a forty-degree belter quite like the Original Terry. For us, there’s only one hat – The Original Terry.

Sure. Original Terry is just a bucket hat. It’s made of cotton and keeps the sun off your head. But the Original Terry ideal has always been more than that just about a hat. It’s a nod to the days when things seemed a little less chaotic. It’s about the simple things in life, the fun things. The easy things.

It’s about catching up with old friends and talking jive. Making time to have a good time. It’s about tonking sixes in the backyard. Throwing the Frisbee while sipping a refreshing beverage.

Sure. Original Terry is just a hat, but we think it’s like wearing a comfy time machine.

It’s time to slow down a little…Take it easy... Nice.