Original Terry™ Terry Towelling Hat


Sold Out

Panama hats are ok. But you can’t roll one up and stuff it in your back pocket. Caps are fair enough. But unless you have an awesome mullet to cover the neck there’s just no protection from the cheeky sun. There are some hats that have a super wide brim–but when you wear one you feel kind of...geeky. And not many hats can be dunked in water and wacked back on your bean to keep you cool on a forty-degree belter.

For us, there’s only one hat – The Original Terry. We know Terry. We love Terry. And we do one hat and one hat only.

Every single Original Terry Towelling hat has been created for a greater purpose than just covering your noggin. Like this one. This was created just for you. How do we know? The fact that you’re reading this tells us that you are a chosen one. You were born for the Original Terry just as it was born for you.

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